Saturday, June 20, 2009


I scored some goodies at a local church rummage sale this weekend:

An old Brownie Reflex camera with its box that I picked up for my sister (she has a small collection of old cameras).

A lonely chair that will be repainted and reupholstered for my desk (which is also waiting for a paintjob...)

A neat vintage wooden folding table... it folds up the middle and the two halves fall to each side.

But my favorite find was this:

A mid-century modernish wood and glass bar cart!  I was so excited when I saw this, I grabbed the handle and pulled it along with me until I found someone who was working at the rummage sale.  The two top shelves are actually removable trays.  The brass parts of the handle are loose, but otherwise it is in beautiful condition... I won't have to refinish it at all.

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