Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The search for the perfect paint color...

I'm moving to my sister's house in March, and have been told that I need to paint my room now, before it gets cold outside. Apparently, paint won't stick to cold walls. I learn something new every day...

So, today I went to the various home improvement stores in my area looking for a suitable paint color that I can live with indefinitely. I figured this task was going to be pretty challenging, as my sister's house is two hours away, so I can't paint chips on the walls and see how they look.

I absolutely *love* this Dutch Boy Crayola display! I wasn't really loving the colors they had, but how cute is this display?

I wasn't having much luck until I got here:

This is the magical, wonderful wall of color choices that Valspar had...oh. my. gosh.

These are my final paint chips, narrowed down from the bazillion choices available. I eventually chose a deep sky blue color called Lyndhurst Celestial Blue.

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