Wednesday, October 7, 2009


On a whim, I stopped by Goodwill on my way home from work today and perused the furniture section. I normally don't find anything that appeals to me (or I see it being carried off by some lucky person as I walk in), so I was pleasantly surprised to come across this guy:

While it does have some issues (the original cushions are disintegrating under the icky-colored slipcover, and a couple of the support springs are a tad loose), it was sturdy and fit nicely into my mid-century aesthetic. And it was only $10! How can you beat that?

I'm currently researching where to find new springs, but the cushions are easily replaced, and I've already found a great fabric for them (Amy Butler Martini):

(I'm still trying to decide which color scheme I want....)

Sadie has given it her seal of approval, I have a feeling I'll be fighting her for this one. :)

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