Saturday, September 27, 2014

Vintage & Handmade for Babies

Last weekend my sister and I attended a baby shower for my aunt Sarah. I had volunteered to take care of the party games, and I will admit I had an ulterior motive:

She who runs the games, does not have to participate in the games. (insert evil grin here)

One of the games I chose was "Name That Baby Food", in which everyone had to taste various baby foods to identify them. 

Do you know how hard it is to find *single* flavors of baby foods? It's a bit of a pain. Apparently everything is now a combination or pairing of foods. After a period of time I considered much too long staring at baby food jars, I was able to find a variety of single flavors. I picked up one combo food just for fun. (insert second evil grin here)

The infamous Jar Eight-I probably should have warmed that one up first.

After the torture session party games, Sarah opened her gifts. I had found a copy of Dr. Spock from 1957, so I included that with some super cute baby clothes.  I also wrapped it in cute vintage paper(which I now have to send the rest of to Sarah because I taped it and ruined the part she wanted to save-oops). 


My sister, however, went all out. She made this amazing quilt(which turned out larger than originally planned, but that just means the baby can grow into it).  She did an amazing job, and Sarah loved it!

The goofy flower is there to block out the baby's name for privacy.

I love vintage and handmade gifts, it adds a personal touch that can sometimes be lacking in modern day, mass-produced items. 

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