Thursday, February 25, 2010

iPhone photography

Who says you can't be artistic with a camera phone?

(Images created with TiltShiftGenerator and CameraFD apps for iPhone)


  1. I love the pictures, the first one I thought was so awesome and yes you can capture some really good pictures with a camera phone. Sometimes I believe my daughter's phone takes much better pictures than my camera.

    Love that cat!!!

    Emeraldcharm14 at Swap-bot

  2. Thanks! I love how the first one turned out!

    Sadie is often my photography muse, since I currently live be myself. Isn't she precious when she's sleeping?

  3. wow, so beautiful...i love how these picture turn out...i'm always so fond of photography but can never seem to capture the right perfect moment...I love how yours came out.

    Stacy from swap bot


  4. Amazing photos, I can't believe it's with a phone. Probably because my phone takes really crappy photos, I'm looking forward to an upgrade because sometimes I just can't haul my DSLR with me!


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  5. Wow! Those look great, I'll have to get those apps!

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  6. Great pics. I don't have an I-Phone or I'd try out the aps. I especially like the first picture. It looks so old fashioned.
    Sarala (skron11) from Swap-Bot.
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  7. Wow - brilliant photos, just wow!
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  8. Your Iphone photos turned out beautiful! You must have an eye. Mine don't turn out as nice. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.