Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Countdown to Moving Day...

The photo above pretty much sums up what life has been like the past few weeks... endless boxes in preparation of my move this weekend. Can you believe it took *nine* of these boxes just to pack up my kitchen?

The sad part is, most of it is going into storage. My sister bought a house last year, a rather big house with many "projects" to complete. She's also never lived by herself before, so now she's a little lonely. I'm moving in with her to help her out in terms of company, and having a little extra cash to fix it up. Which means I have to go through twelve years of stuff that's accumulated in my apartment and decide what goes with me, what goes to storage until I have my own place again, and what just needs to go. Very tough choices...

Last week I tried to get rid of some furniture by calling Salvation Army to pick it up...turns out they don't do pick ups in my area anymore, even though there are three stores within a 30 minute drive of my apartment. After a couple of days thinking that I would have to figure out how to haul the stuff there myself, I remembered the wonderful thing that is Freecycle! It's truly amazing how many people will jump at the chance for free furniture, no matter what the condition(my couch, in my opinion, was a little worse for wear), and are happy to come and take it off your hands. I now have these big empty spaces in my apartment where my furniture once was... slowly being filled with more boxes.


  1. Good Luck with the move! Moving is definiftely a time consuming job - you never realise just how much stuff you have until you need to pack it! LOL.

  2. wow! how lovely that you get to live with your sister! good luck with the move and enjoy your new roomie!

  3. lisa,
    you are so lucky! she is not coming REMOTELY close to where i live. BOO.

    ps. love your etsy shops!

  4. Just move to our new house on saturday : I think it's even worse after the moving ! lol Where did I put this thing ??? lollll Happy to discover your blog.

    Lulubiz from swap-bot

  5. Hey, know what ? I have been assigned to you as a partner ! So already following and wishing you well for the big move. ;)

  6. Hi there, Ky from Swap-Bot now following you. Moving...yuck! I hope it goes well!

  7. Hi! Following you from the Swap-bot swap :) You are one of my partners. Good luck on your move!

  8. It's great to see families who support each other. One of my sisters lives maybe 10 minutes from me. We see each other every few months for about an hour or two. Sad isn't it.

    badk1ty from swap-bot

  9. good luck moving! paring down will help you figure out what is most important in your kitchen... good luck with all of the new house tasks you will be doing!

    128julie from swap-bot

  10. Hi,

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    Good luck with the move!


  11. Did you move meanwhile?

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  12. 12 years! wow what a cleanse! you must be in a whirlwind!! hope you settle quite nicely and quickly.

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  13. That photo looks familiar to me. Oh yeah! Because I used the same red staples paper boxes when I moved.

    I hope everything goes smoothly for you.

    Jennifer (olivenabya) from I want more Blogger Followers Swap

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  15. Good luck with your move!!! I think you are really going to enjoy being with your Sister and it will be a blessing for you both!

    We're moving in three months, so I understand the whole keep-sell-get rid of nightmare!!!

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  16. Hi, we're living in boxes aswell at the moment, moving in May and I had the Red Cross over the other day to pick up some of the furniture I am not bringing with me :)

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