Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Adventures in Mid-Century Shelving

I attended an estate sale recently to look at this great mid-century shelving unit that I spotted in the listing's photos. It was great price, so it came home with me.

 This pic was taken in the driveway of the estate sale home. I was generously given help outside, but I was on my own from there. Thankfully, this thing comes apart and I was able to borrow a screwdriver. 

When I got home, I lugged in each of the pieces inside and up the stairs to my bedroom. 

These cabinet  pieces were *really* heavy! I had horrible visions of falling down the stairs and being crushed by the larger one. At least I wouldn't have had to worry about feeding the dogs, they could have just snacked on me. ;)

I managed to survive getting everything upstairs and went about putting the shelf back together. Somewhere during this process I learned that the doors came off....

 That would have been useful information *before* I lugged them up the stairs....

Anyway, here is the finished product. I think it looks great, and is perfect for my TV and assorted electronics. (And yes, I do have assorted geekery in my room.)

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