Thursday, November 20, 2014

40 before 41

Hmm. I just noticed that the last time I wrote on this blog was the beginning of October. {sigh} 

*Anyway*... I turned 40 this year, and had decided to do a "39 before 40" bucket list, since 40 is a milestone birthday. Well, as bad of a blogger I am, I am worse at to-do lists...I didn't finish.  Not a single thing. 

So I decided to try again this year. I also decided to make the items simpler and more attainable, such as "write one blog post a week." {......Umm....}

I *did* manage to complete two of the items on the list over this past month, the first was going to my cousin's Halloween party, and I convinced my sister to go with me. I recycled my Fourth Doctor costume from last year, and she went as a killer nurse. 

I also reconnected with a friend that I hadn't spoken to in possibly a year. I was cruising around in Target, and came across this DVD set that made me think of her, so I sent her a picture:

We ended up having a text conversation, which was a little awkward, but was really great. So, in the spirit of successful completion of THE LIST, here are some of my "40 before 41" goals:

1. Write one blog post a week.
2. Eat at five new restaurants.
3. Visit one state I've never been to before.
4. Learn how to knit.
5. Sew something wearable.
6-9. Spend a day at each of the following: the Field Museum, the Shedd, the Art Institute, and the Museum of Science & Industry.
10. Discover how to make chicken & dumplings the way my grandmother made them.
11. Go to a drive-in movie.
12. Clean up my iTune library.
13. Read two new books a month.
14. Watch 1 new movie a week.
15. Purge & organize.
16. Take Tai Chi at the park district.
17. Lose 50lbs. {Trust me, it's there.}
18. Figure out eyeliner. It's about time.

{I realize that this is only about half of the actual list, but these are the ones I'm comfortable sharing with the universe.}

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