Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Adventures in Customizing...

I've been chosen to demonstrate the somewhat lost art of rehairing customized model horses at Breyerfest again this year, and decided that I needed a new model to work on, since the one from last year was a little boring (and, to be honest, I was really using the wrong kind of hair last year... using up old materials).  I also decided to share the fun experience of customizing with all of you.  So, I pulled out this gal:

To those of you who are not in the hobby, this is the Breyer Lady Phase.  This one has obviously seen better days, but that really doesn't matter since I'll be painting her later.  My first step was to remove her mane and tail.  So, I pulled out my trusty Dremel and went to work cutting and grinding.

Here she is without her mane and tail.  Unfortunately, she is also without a nice chunk of neck (you can sort of see it--where it looks like a dent on her neck) and has a big hole in her rump.  Oops... got a little over-zealous.  No worries, though, because I will be filling this in and sculpting a new neck and tailbone with Apoxie Sculpt.

These two photos show the holes in the body, filled with tin foil.  Breyers are hollow inside, so I needed to build a base for the Apoxie Sculpt to sit on, otherwise I'd have to use way more of it than was necessary.  I'd never be able to get this thing through airport security, though!  :)

I need to let the model sit for 24 hours for the Apoxie Sculpt to cure completely, and then I will be able to apply primer to the model and get her ready for painting.  More pics to come!

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