Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Back from Breyerfest...

Well, I'm finally settled back in after my trip to Lexington, KY for Breyerfest, and thought I'd share some pictures. (Isn't the costume above adorable? There's a miniature horse in there somewhere!)

This is me on Friday morning at the Hobby Information Booth demonstrating how to hair model horses.  I was amazed how many people were interested in this aspect of customizing, since (to me, at least) it's a little old-school.  I answered all sorts of questions on customizing as well, from what I use to paint (pastels & acrylics) to how to remove the manes & tails for hairing (Dremel--to be used by adults only, please!).  I worked in the HIB all three days, promoting the model horse hobby and taking subscriptions for Just About Horses on Saturday and Sunday.

This was the volunteer horse for this year, the Breyer Proud Arabian Stallion in a chestnut pinto... isn't he awesome?  This particular one went in the Saturday night auction for $600. 

This is the 2009 Breyerfest celebration horse, Whizard's Baby Doll (Roxy) and her rider Stacy Westfall.  They're waiting to enter the arena for a bridleless reining demonstration. And yes, she is wearing a wedding dress, it's part of their routine.

This is my best friend, Melanie, who won the Just About Horses raffle for a Silver Screen model.  She had just left the park, so I had to call her and tell her to come back because she had won! 

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