Monday, July 13, 2009

Queen of Procrastination...

Remember the Breyer Lady Phase I was torturing in my last post? Well, she finally got to the painting stage, which is a good and a bad thing.  

Good, because I'm making some progress and getting her ready for my demo at Breyerfest. 

Bad, because I leave town tomorrow to drop kitty off at my parents' house and drive to Kentucky on Wednesday morning, so I don't have any time to paint after today.

Here is my drying space, as you can see I'm trying to multitask and get several models done.  If I get the others finished, they will be for sale at Breyerfest.  So far, only one of them is even close to being ready by Friday.

And, as if I weren't stressed out and overwhelmed by my painting procrastination, I've been restoring some Hagen-Renakers to possibly show at the Breakables live show on Thursday. The two on the left are probably not going t get done, they have quite a bit of work left on them.

Well, back to the trenches....

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